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Nature's Cabins


SERENITY - A Woodland Cabin

Comfortable cabin accommodation immersed in Wilderness. Two private cabins that connect you with Nature: enjoyable, rewarding and rare.

Serenity has proved to live up to its name many times. It sits Serene in  forested surrounds and is set beside the spring-fed waters of  Christmas Creek.

Spend the day exploring our creeks, waterfalls, wildlife and forests in Wongari, the Lamington National Park and its beautiful surrounds. Or simply enjoy a  stylish cabin, a warming fire, a casual bbq?  When the urge takes you, maybe you would enjoy a swim in your very own, very private and pristine creek.

Or just read a book - better still, write one.

Serenity is totally self-contained and offers the complete getaway  for those who need the space to unwind, relax and connect.


Bimbul in Perspective

Bimbul - Nature's Cabin

If our Serenity cabin is about calm and restitution then Bimbul is more one of energy and inspiration.

While Serenity is closed in by forest, Bimbul is open to the forest canopies. Wongari's expansive 360' views of mountains. literally, places you in a salad bowl of mountainous proportions, a valley of surprises like none other.

Bimbul is still young but has settled in like it was always there. It is built on the side of a hill, under the shadow of our towering Buchanan's Fort and overlooking Christmas Creek, just 50m away, through a grove of Hoop Pines.

A unique feature of Bimbul is its hydro-electric turbine. Powered by the very best of renewable energies, it is the most sustainable way to live with nature - it consumes nothing but keeps giving.

In every way you are truly 'Off-Grid'  when choosing Bimbul.


No Phone, No Internet, No Worries


This video is a comment by guests, Nicole and Greg, who stayed in Wongari's Cabin, Bimbul,  and whose profession is Photography.* Greg  first observed Wongari's location acted like a 'salad bowl' because it is ringed by mountains.

The complimentary video captures beautifully the essence of Wongari Eco Retreat and the balance that is strived for between the enjoyment you get from Lamington's rare wilderness setting and the comfort of eco-friendly cabins to do it from.

Greg - Blinsaff
@blinsaff (instagram handle)
FB: blinsaff
Nicole - Nicole Barralet Photography
FB: Nicole Barralet Photography

         Wongari Cabin Accommodation, South-east Qld, just 90 minutes from Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

The Wilderness End of Lamington National Park

So Near - Yet,  a World Away!