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Wongari / SEQ Revegetation Partnership

Clearing Weeds on Waterfall Creek

Bushnut’s restoration experts


A priority in the restoration of Wongari flora and fauna has been to rehabilitate Waterfall Creek between Lamington National Park, from Buchanan’s Fort, to the creek’s origins in the Mcpherson Ranges, Boarder Ranges.

The good news is that we have advanced this faster than we expected due to the involvement of SEQ Catchments. SEQ aims to improve the quality of the catchment by dealing with issues of soil erosion and weeds at source.

As our Waterfall Creek is a significant tributrary of Christmas Creek and because we are able to participate in their longer term management needs we got noticed and funds came our way. It meant that Waterfall Creek has had a large indent made into its weeds. What native regrowth found existing was preserved. Soon, Mass plantings. In trying to look after our little part of the catchment for the Logan River we are restoring country to its original condition as best we can.

We have now completed one sweep of the creek as far as our funding would take us. Around August 2013 we will revisit this area and ensure that as much effective clearing as possible as been achieved. The clearing out of weeds only got to the 2nd cabin pad (see mud map) but had started from the banks of Christmas Creek. It would be about 90% of what we hoped.

By the time this project is properly estabilished and we can count the survivor trees it will be two years hence (2015) but we’re hoping that the 600 trees we hope to plant about the beginning of October will be doing well. A list of the trees and others we had to choose from can be observed here.


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