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Nature's Cabins


Wongari Eco Retreat is alert and pro-active around the COVID-19 pandemic that confronts us all.

Provided below is a description of our efforts that guarantee we are doing all that is possible (and more) to act responsibly in face of this pandemic.




Your time here will be safe.

Our greatest advantage is our relative isolation. We do not get much traffic on Christmas Creek Road. Our two cabins are set on a 60 acre property. Bimbul and Serenity are150m apart. Both have their own private creek frontage. Each cabin has its own gated entry.

As a matter of course we have always tried to keep our cabins in perfect condition. But we are taking extra steps to ensure the best possible practice is maintained in matters of hygiene.


Most bookings have a 'Closed to Departure' on the day of arrival and a 'Closed to Arrival' on the guest's departure. This will ensure the cleaning process is not rushed.

All of our linen is thoroughly washed at 95'C. We add eucalyptus oil to enhance the clean.

The duvet cover is included in our washing routine after every visit.

We do not outsource this work. Our labour is your guarantee.

Linen also has a minimum time in reserve/storage after every use. Time in storage is upwards of 96 hours. The COVID-19 virus survives on hard surfaces for around 72 hours. Therefore, it is an added measure of sterilization.

Every hard surface is cleaned with disinfectant and includes chair frames, light switches, appliances, our two-way, wifi speaker, lamps, all door handles and window sills.

We wear gloves.

Social Distancing is maintained with our guests. Most times our guests simply let themselves in.  We  can communicate at all  times by two way.  As our cabins are self-contained there is little need for further contact.










We have a policy of a full refund for any cancellation initiated by a prospective guest if restrictions are tightened between the booking and actual arrival. We have every confidence that our guests will cancel only when they believe it is the most responsible action to take. We simply request that we have as much notice as possible so we will have a chance to fill the new vacancy. This request is not a condition.

Similarly, for whatever reason, if we are forced to cancel a guest's stay here at Wongari we will refund all the money received to date. In full. And immediately.

Finally, like everyone else, we will be closely monitoring all government and media outlets, including social media, for information and recommendations pertaining to COVID-19. Our actions will be timely and appropriate.

Top of our list for up-to-date information on this global pandemic is the World Economic Forum.

Keep safe and well in 2020 - and beyond.

An Update on this Covid-19 Response has been added.