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Humming Hydro

August last year (2016) my micro hydro turbine, a Powerspout PLT, catastrophically disintegrated. I blogged shortly after ‘When Things Go Wrong’ about mistakes I had made which ruined the hydro and gave us all here at Wongari Eco Retreat a lot of hassles. It would have been worse but for very understanding guests. But, now,…

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Serenity In Photo

  Welcome Home To Dream The Good Dream Robes-in-Waiting Bed and Kitchen Sleep, Eat, Re-Connect A Fireplace, A Good Book, and a Bed Serenity Where this Driveway Ends  

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110psi Water Pressure to be Released We are happy to announce the arrival of water at Kumbartcho (now named Bimbul). Removing all air from the pipe ensured that we achieved the expected 110psi, plus. When connected to our soon-to-arrive Powerspout generator, we hope, it will produce upwards of one kilowatt per hour, every hour of…

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Kumbartcho Up Update

Kumbartcho (native for Hoop Pine) is a happening thing. Out of the ground and looking very insignificant. Which is great. We tried to minimise its impact but have been overly pleased by the way nature has done it for us. I hope you like the photo. It shows the skelelton of a structure in the…

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Revegetation Summer Review

  We’re proud of the tree plantings and weeding on Wongari near Christmas Creek, just three kilometers to walks in the Lamington National Park, in the shadow of Buchanan’s Fort, and stretching up Waterfall Creek to Lamington Falls situated in the Mcpherson Ranges and part of the Boarder Ranges, andĀ  is our contribution to managing…

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Wongari Restoration Project

  Wongari Eco Retreat is set on 60 acres of past dairy country situated in the foothills of Lamington National Park. The old growth forest was logged, clear-felled, many timesĀ  but the last clear-felling occurred as recently as the 1960’s. The re-growth, where it is happening, is substantial and encouraging. About half of Wongari is…

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