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Revegetation Summer Review



Plantings with a French twist

We’re proud of the tree plantings and weeding on Wongari near Christmas Creek, just three kilometers to walks in the Lamington National Park, in the shadow of Buchanan’s Fort, and stretching up Waterfall Creek to Lamington Falls situated in the Mcpherson Ranges and part of the Boarder Ranges, and  is our contribution to managing an important water supply ( ie Logan River).

Progress this summer has been slower than we hoped with only 300 trees planted but many more regrowth trees uncovered. The main reason for the slower pace has been the unusually dry and hot conditions we’re experiencing. We pulled back in order to ensure the survival of those we had planted. We’ve managed about 95% survival rate.

One interesting and rewarding revelation is how the contours of the land changed radically after clearing. Rocks we didn’t know; turns in the creek that were a surprise; lush micro environments otherwise hidden and ……. access: under meters high lantana now gone.

Hopefully, one day, all this can be open for exploration for those who choose to stay at any one of our cabins.

Our wagyu cattle have been very good in helping us keep grass and weeds out of paddocks where machinery could not go. Now we’ve closed off a lot of land around the creek rehabilitation areas to our cattle. They do damage to creek banks and plants such as ginger, lamandra and young saplings. But we have more manual weed clearing to do.

Strip grazing is a possibility but it is also labour intensive. Our cattle are being used elsewhere. We continue to rely on cattle because we are trying to be both eco sensitive and sustainable. Using cattle to keep our paddocks under control and earn us a little is one of the bows we string to help us live our lives on the land. As are our cabins – one down, two to go.

Our thanks to our long term resident wwoofer Edwidge, a French female volunteer, who stayed here for fourteen weeks and was instrumental in seeing the plantings done and maintained.

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