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Pandemic Policy Update 17th Dec. 2021


one molecular view of COVID-19

Covid - 19 Not So Pretty

Our governments have decided to open up the economy in spite of the fact that variants of covid-19 are a continuing presence among us.

Under these current circumstances we have formulated our own response with the safety and comfort of our future guests in our mind.

Naturally, we are guided by state directives as they may apply at the time of your arrival but we will make our policy where we think there are gaps in our government’s response.

Despite the opening up we at Wongari are enormously cautious about future consequences. So too, we hope, are our guests as that will give us the confidence to stay open and the incentive to not let our guard down. We will remain vigilant and pro-active until this pandemic is truly brought under control.

All the precautions we initiated in March, 2020, will remain in place.

You can view our initial response from March, 2020 when covid-19 was a new and largely misunderstood virus albeit of international significance. Much has changed since then.

We will be asking all our guests to manually log in to Queensland’s covid-19 app, Checkin Qld, just prior to their arrival because we do not have internet availability at our cabins. Our checkin code is:

Because we are isolated and our two cabins are very private and secluded (150m apart, accessed by their own gated entry and divided by creek and forest), and because even vaccinated people can be infectious, we can and will accept unvaccinated people. We are as safe as any destination could be.

However, we will initially greet our first time guests wearing masks and maintaining a distance. Mask wearing is not a requirement for our guests and we do apologise if this seems impersonal. It does seem that way to us but we believe these precautions continue to be necessary. Covid-19 is not a thing of the past.

Another change we have made is to stop other guests from arriving on the day that one leaves. It gives us another safety margin that will also help keep you free of the virus while enjoying your time here.

As for the possibility of cancellation: it will be as it was prior to the start of the pandemic and is found in our ‘terms and conditions’ and stated below:

If, for some reason, you need to cancel your stay and we can't re-book another suitable occasion then we reserve the right to keep your payment, either in part or in whole, depending upon the circumstances of the cancellation and the amount of notice provided.

As a rough guide that would mean a full refund if a month’s notice is given; forfeit the refund if it is only two weeks and we cannot rebook the time; and no refund if it is less than a week’s notice.

Thank you for reading this and for your understanding.

We look forward to your stay here at Wongari.