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Nature's Cabins

Out of the Ground

Kumbartcho is starting to take form despite persistent rain and clay type soils that turn gumboots into cement shoes. We’re at the stage of putting joists over the beams so we can nail our floor down. The pace is rapid and in the experienced hands of our builders, Kev and Chris, it is certain and adaptive. We’re making changes on the run and it is all for the better. It might just be the mountains and beautiful days that are making us feel good but the knowledge that a good job is being done has its own rewards as well.

As for the hydro electric unit we hope to install…. It also has been a challenge and sharp learning curve. It has taken us many weeks to lay the pipe just 500m. We have 300m to go. Thankfully, it is all downhill, so to speak, from here. But we have come to yet another delay. While we have managed to get water through the pipe we are also battling with air getting into the pipes. Air and water flow do not mix. Until we can get ourselves another air-release valve we will have to wait before we can go further down the hill and test our final pressure. We are quietly confident that all will end well.

Out of the Ground

So little and yet it feels like a cabin already

50mm pipe to hrydro

Weaving Through Forest


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