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Nature's Cabins

Introducing Kumbartcho


Kumbartcho North low res

A grove of Hoop Pines, Emporers of the Forest.

Wongari Eco Retreat is adding another cabin to complement our original Serenity. After three years, our first cabin, Serenity, has earned her title? But our next cabin, Kumbartcho, is a little harder to encapsulate. Kumbartcho in the native language means Hoop Pine. The first botanist to see this country referred to these pines as the ’emporers of the forest’. They are indeed a majestic tree. And we have a beautiful grove of them which seems to multiply its impact.

Standing on the rough mark-out where the cabin is to go you are treated to a passing number of glossy black and yellow-tailed cockotoos. The sulphur crested cockotoos have departed us for greener pastures and we look forward to their return.

The cabin, Kumbartcho, will sit comfortablely in the this grove of Hoop Pines. The view of Christmas Creek is on high from a large cabin deck. The creek runs visibly east to west behind a forest of pines. And all of this under the imposing rock faces of Buchanan’s Fort.

If the aura of Serenity was …..well just that, Serenity…..then Kumbartcho feels more like energy, an urge to explore and wonder.

Looking west on Days end

Day One Done and Dusted

I’m looking forward to helping our builders, father and son, Kev and Chris, get the building into place. It is a cabin with a few surprises in it and which I will love to present as they arrive. Suffice it to say that we hope you will see a construction grow out of the country it is in, and respects, to a cabin that will delight those that happen-chance upon it.


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