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Holidaying With Hydro – Electric Turbine

Bimbul is powered by a stand-alone hydro-electric turbine (we knowningly call it ‘Hydros’). Water turning a turbine that operates a smart drive generator delivers power 24/7. The water used to generate this 'free' power is returned directly back to the creek.  Wongari's hydro-electric turbine ticks all the boxes in the sustainable production of power – and then some.


Wongari's Hydro-Electric Turbine: Hydros


Because Wongari offers guest accommodation relying on power that is generated by a hydro-electric turbine than working with hydros is not without its challenges. Different guests have different use patterns and this affects the settings our hydros requires for its proper functioning.

In order to meet the varying unknown demands on the hydro we have found that budgeting the hot water usage alone is sufficient to resolve all issues.

Wongari's Solution

Basically, therefore, it works best if just enough generation to recharge the batteries were provided. This, consequently, would not provide enough power to heat the water once used.  Therefore, this requires a hot water budget.

The 165 litre hot water tank is fully charged on the arrival of Wongari's guests. If used wisely than it should last the length of a guest's stay. And it will ensure hydros doesn't have a hissy fit.

Importantly, It is only the hot water that needs to be managed. the use of every other electrical appliance would simply be ‘comfortably normal’.

If, however, in the worse case scenario, the hot water does not last the duration we do have a contingency plan. A very 'quite' petrol generator can be used to recharge the hot water in a relatively short period of time.

Often this can be arranged to be done while the guest is away on a walk or drive. We strive for minimal interruption to our guests enjoyment of silence and relaxation.

If you wish to understand the details of this arrangement in more technical ways then you there this is just the article for you.