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Almost There

And now we are nearing the end of our build. It’s taken a little longer and cost a little extra but we got much more in return.  It’s at that point where just a bit here, a half hour there, another idea formed and the build looks and feels even more exciting.

We have final touches to make: the Nectre fireplace; finishings on a unique kitchen; rails around the top deck; lights;  some tiling; painting and, of course, my little pet project – the hydro system for the cabin’s power. Then there is always something new to add like the shower window frame.

Only one week earlier a late decision was made, about when we were considering the rear stairs and following a suggestion from Chris, that we should end the stairs on a deck.  That sounded good as it would help level out the ground I would otherwise have to retain and raise – although another use for the left over rocks I am beginning to tire of rocks. No sooner had we decided that but we worked out that the deck would be too high and a rail would be necessary. That would spoil its openness. So why not step down to another deck – and on this one put the outdoor fire with surround seating? Sold! And another dimension to an already solid build is added: it helps settle Kumbartcho a little more into the country that inspired it.

The photo attached is rough – as you would expect from a building site. But it gives you a idea about where we are heading with the build and where we are up to. Up till now most changes have been incremental and difficult to detail in a blog. But it is all coming together now and each day sees the completion of another element and the affect it has on the whole. Each day is a pleasure although the days are now hot and muggy and the ground could just as probably be wet and boggy still.

wherelse would a outdoor fire be enjoyed

another addition on the run

A little difficulty we’re currently having is where to put the hydro turbine. Originally, we were going to situate it some 25m from the cabin and over a ridge so the water could be directed away and the potentially distracting and continuous hum of the hydro would not intrude. But my preference is for it to be as close to Kumbartcho as possible. Partly for the needs of a fit-out but mainly because we want it to be a serious feature of the build. However, in order to overcome the downsides a significant enclosure that can be expanded should it need be has to be constructed. Another added issue but mainly in time.

On top of that, the bonus is that the used water can be turned into a standalone feature as a water causeway on its way back to the Christmas Creek. It is what we were always hoping to do but now that the outdoor fireplace is on the deck, suddenly, it has become a real alternative again as it has freed up the space for us to do so. And, again,  each day is evidence that another thought, another possibility is only a conversation away.

I’m sure the next post we do on this blog will be to announce the final nail in the build of Kumbartcho. I’m so looking forward to that.

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