Wongari Eco Retreat


Lamington Lunch and Picnic

Stalls in Stinsons

A few stalls

Mountains of Forest

The setting says it all

The Scenic Rim hosts the Popular Eat Local Week and kicks off with the popular FarmGate Festival. An choice venue would be a Lunch and Picnic at Stinsons Caravan Park in Lamington.


It makes for a great country drive, a good day out, with an end destination that allows you to relax in country and enjoy its fare. Local food by local people – and produce from the Scenic Rim.



Christmas Creek runs along one side (far side) of Stinson Park. A Picnic on its banks is a great way to enjoy the food you bring or the food you buy from the gourmet take-away and fresh local produce stall.


If your hungry and local go to Stinsons

Food to Go at Stinsons


The stall’s signature produce are locally made sausages from meat grown in Lamington. Fresh meat is also sold and sourced in a similar way. Other little goodies include tarts and cakes – all homemade.



Mount Neglect can't be Forgotten at the FarmGate Picnic

In the shadow of the mountain we meet

There will be home-made local pickles and jams. A table with local produce, including finger-limes, and a small range of fruit and veges.

Don’t hurry your appreciation of the country you will drive through though as it’s beautiful.  But  if you haven’t been down this way before, there is a lot to see and do and there is no better time to do it.


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